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Beveling Machine

Automatic Efficient Beveling Machine RGD Series


As key equipment for bright steel production, RG automatic efficient beveling machine RGD series are capable to cut heads and bevel peeled or cold-drawn long round steel bars and D/S≤15 thick walled tubes with diameters from 5 to 160mm. These machines are capable to machine bars and tubes at a high speed and with accuracy. These machines can be combined with an automatic bundle charging table and discharging table; therefore, bars and tubes can be unbundled, fed, cut, beveled, carried out, and then collected consecutively and automatically.

The machine consists of material charging and discharging, feed, pinching, cutting and adjusting, chip transmission and collection, and electronic control (with cutter selection function) components. This PLC controlled machine works in three modes: adjusting, single length, and circulating. Man-machine interface is deployed on the console for the operator to specify working parameters. Therefore, machine parameters can be displayed in a real time manner such as shaft speed, feed speed, bar diameter centrality, beveling cutter depth, work current and turning speed of main motor, and work current and turning speed of feed motor.


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