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Peeling Machine

Heavy-Duty High-Speed Peeling Machine
(RG-Finishing High-Speed Centerless Turning Machine, RG-HCT series)Finishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling Machine
A high-speed and efficient lathe used to rough and finish process various long, thin and round steel bars with diameters between 10-160 mm. The machine is capable to continuously and efficiently remove decarburized layer and cracks on the surface of hot rolled, forged, or heat treated bars in special steel works, so that bright steel can be produced with flawless, high precision, and desirable roughness surface.
In RG-HCT series, the blade revolves at a high speed around a hollow spindle, and the work piece moves forward along this hollow spindle. Besides the work piece can be fed into and withdrawn from the machine automatically; therefore, the work piece is cut at a high speed and efficiently.
  • The spindle can be fixed for four cutters and front and rear orientation systems, allowing for convenient adjusting and higher precision;
  • The cutter compensation function ensures high precision;
  • High spindle speed, feeding speed, and convenient and fast replacement of large amount of work pieces with different diameters ensure high processing efficiency;
  • Automatic chip breaking and removing function enables the machine to process both soft and hard steel;
  • PLC controlled combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic components achieves fully automatic processing circle, a more advanced automation.


  • Producing high-quality and flawless bright steel in an economical manner;
  • Effectively removing oxidized scales, cracks, or overlaps during the hot rolling of round bars and thick walled tubes;
  • Processing plain carbon steel, high strength alloy steel, continuous casting bars, Ti and Ti alloy.



Typical Applications of Bright Steel
  • Bearing
  • Auto spring and stabilizer bar
  • Auto steering gear rack
  • Piston rods in hydraulic cylinder and air cylinder
  • Cold extrusion formed work piece
  • Forged work piece
  • High strength bolts
  • Casting work piece
  • Transmission shaft
Typical Machine RG-HCT50
Capable to centerlessly cut bars and thick walled tubes from 10mm to 50mm diameterFinishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling Machine
  • Entering bars and tubes from 11mm to 55mm diameter;
  • Leaving bars and tubes from 10 mm to 50 mm diameter;
  • Single side cut of 0.25mm to 2.5mm;
  • Dimensional tolerance reaching ISO h9;
  • Surface roughness reaching Ra0.8-3.2
  • Feed speed infinitely variable up to 30m/min;
  • Cutterhead rpm infinitely variable up to 3000 r/min;
  • Servo-motor driven cutter can be adjusted online;
  • The processing diameter can be adjusted through buttons on the control panel, and digitally indicated on the display in a real time manner;
  • The pinching force of feeding roller wheel and the trolley can be adjusted through the hydraulic system, in order not to cause damage to finished products;
  • The exit orientation device can be pulled out using the exit trolley, making the machine easy to service.


Finishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling Machine





  • RG-HCT series of peeling machines can be customized.


  • RG-HCT series of peeling machines can be deployed with other finishing machines such as straightening and polishing machines.











Finishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling MachineFinishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling MachineFinishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling Machine









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