Xi'an RG Metallurgical Finishing Equipment Co., Ltd.


Finishing Solution Provider|Straightening Machine|Peeling Machine
RG-Finishing is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of finishing equipment for iron, steel and non-ferrous metal industries. Committed to provide equipment with outstanding performance and high technologies, RG-Finishing enjoys excellent reputation in the finishing sector. Our designing and devices win the market for its leading techniques, high quality, impressive performance and convincing economic benefits. Equipment and solutions by RG-Finishing can be customized, enabling our clients to always have an edge in fierce market completion.
The business of RG-Finishing dates back to 2001, when Xi'an RG Metallurgical Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., known as RGMMT, was founded and two two-roller straightening and tumbling units were provided to a subsidiary company of Taiwan Gloria Material Technology Corp. in Guangzhou. Then RGMMT supplied various models of straightening machines for Echeng Iron and Steel in Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, Dongbei Special Steel and other major steel companies. With the rapid development of Chinese metallurgy industry and rising demand for bright steel, equipment of RGMMT plays an important role in an increasing number of private companies as well as large and medium sized state-owned companies for the upgrade of the finishing industry in China.
Meanwhile with the emerging of such new materials as Ti alloy, RGMMT provides straightening machines to Ti research and processing institutes and companies including Northwest Institute for Non-Ferrous Metal Research, Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd., Western Titanium Technologies Co., Ltd., Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Xiangtou Goldsky Titanium Industry, STC under GMTC in Taiwan. For over a decade, RGMMT has always contributed enormously to the upgrade of the finishing techniques of Ti wires and bars in China.
In 2010 RGMMT was certified with ISO9001:2008, marking a new level of company management. In 2014 it was recognized as a company with high technologies and in the same year Xi'an RG Metallurgical Finishing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded upon the previous achievements of RGMMT.
Our Past
Based on the achievements of Xi'an RG Metallurgical Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., established since 2001, RG-Finishing has been committed to the development of metallurgical equipment, with its straightening machines well regarded among the industry across China.
RG straightening machines=High precision straightening machines
Our Present
For better business operation and consistency of company name with major business, Xi'an RG Metallurgical Finishing Equipment Co., Ltd. (RG-Finishing) was founded in 2014 based on key engineers of RGMMT. The business scope of RG-Finishing covers the design, development, consultancy, and technical services of finishing equipment in the metallurgical industry.
Market Positioning
Provider of finishing equipment and techniques of noble metal wires and bars, such as Ti, Ti alloy, Ta, Nb and Zr
Provider of traditional metallurgy equipment for iron, steel, copper and aluminum industries
Our Objectives
Leading provider of finishing solutions to noble metal wires and bars industries
Well-known provider of finishing equipment for traditional metallurgical industry


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