Straightening Machine

Two Roll Precision Straightening Machine RJE Series


As a key machine for bright steel production, RJE series of two roll straightening machines are capable to straighten and polish peeled or cold-drawn long round bars and D/S≤15 thick-walled tubes with diameters between 3 and 160mm. Thes cross-roll vertical machines have one upper concave roll and one convex roll, which are separately driven; therefore, RJE series of two roll straightening machines are capable to machine bars and tubes at a high speed and with accuracy. These machines can be combined with an automatic bundle charging table and discharging table; therefore, bars and tubes can be unbundled, fed, straightened, carried out, and then collected consecutively and automatically.
  • Optimized concave and convex rolls and linear contact allow full length straightening;
  • Constant voltage load control system ensures necessary straightening force and protection in case of overload;
  • The speed of major transmission system is infinitely variable, making the speed easy to control and the machine easy to be deployed with other machines with different speeds;
  • Roll clearance and angle can be adjusted using an electric/hydraulic-driven closed loop where encoder feedback is used; the adjustment is highly precise and repeatable;
  • Roll clearance and angle adjustment is displayed on the touch screen on the console;
  • Straightening technical parameters are stored in groups for easy retrieve, reducing time of changing for bars with different specifications;
  • Integration of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and air components and PLC control enable automatic circulation.


  • Producing high-quality and defect free bright steel;
  • Straightening round bars before peeling in the finishing line;
  • Processing plain carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, copperand its alloy, 

Ti and its alloy, and silver, Ta, Nb,and Hf bars and tubes for nuclear power plants.

Typical Applications of Bright Steel
  • Bearing
  • Auto spring and stabilizer bar
  • Auto steering gear rack
  • Piston rods in hydraulic cylinder and air cylinder
  • Cold extrusion formed work piece
  • Forged work piece
  • High strength bolts
  • Casting work piece
  • Transmission shaft
Two Roll Precision Straightening Machine RJE Series




Machining Speed(m/min)
 Standard(AC) Hi-Speed(DC)
RJE-12 3-12 0.1-0.3 ≤15 ≤20
RJE-20 5-20 0.1-0.3 ≤20 ≤30
RJE-30 8-30 0.1-0.3 ≤30 ≤60
RJE-40 10-40 0.1-0.3 ≤30    ≤60
RJE-60 12-60 0.1-0.3 ≤30 ≤45
RJE-80 15-80 0.3 ≤30 ≤45
RJE-100 20-100 0.3 ≤30 ≤45
RJE-130 50-130 0.5 ≤45
RJE-160 50-160 0.5-1 ≤45